I was totally lost. Spent years working, grinding to achieve what I wanted to achieve to discover I was still lost, still unhappy. Nadinne with such care and beautiful way of challenging me to find my passion again, to find my purpose. Meeting others that was living a life with greater meaning, I feel alive again.

Entrepreneur, age 41

I was at rock bottom, anxious, depressed and desperately lonely. Working through my childhood made me understand the trauma’s I had experienced. Getting in touch with my inner child to hold her and nurture her. Going to the depths to my writing to the depths, my career, relationship and ultimately relationship with self has changed. I’m no longer anxious or depressed but excited by life.

Artist/Musician, age 24

I now know I am enough with Nadinne educating me about my difficult thoughts, where they come from and how to challenge them I feel limitless. My business has grown, I’m in healthy non abusive relationships. I feel a deep value and respect for myself I have never felt before.

Consultant, age 51

I have taken back my power, I can say no, I know what boundaries are and I can finally say I love myself.

Designer, age 21

Nadinne has a gift at holding space with such safety and sensitivity supporting me in being able to open up and share the most difficult parts of myself, exploring the most difficult experiences supporting me to not only support me to grieve and understand better but to find a more peaceful place within me. I feel free.

Architect, age 46

Nadinne saved my life. Struggling with anorexia all my life after tears and grieving as well as doing some really fun and creative things I can now eat again, eat in front of others and feel empowered and in control.

Fashion designer, age 28

Gently guiding me to where I needed to go … it’s like she has a 6th sense. She supported me in sharing my vulnerability, she was there holding space and witnessing my growth, witness the moments I slipped back into old patterns curled up in the darkest moments, witnessing me shed my layers and celebrating new ways of seeing, behaving, experiencing and relating supporting me to be in touch with my feminine becoming more into my masculine. Taking me to a depth of intimacy I’ve never been before showing me the intimacy outside of a sexual and romantic relationship connecting me to a deeper intimacy with myself and my experience of life.

Entrepreneur,  age 34

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
Carl Jung

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