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About The Practice

As we are all individual, unique and diverse the reasons for seeking therapy vary significantly.

Typically, people come to find assistance they have not found in other areas in life, this can be the result of specifically traumatic and painful events such as grief or breakdowns in relationships, perhaps to gain greater awareness from historical events, to understand the stress or anxiety they may be experiencing. People can find themselves feeling trapped in negative and painful patterns of behavior, others seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, sometimes this exploration is used to determine career changes, discover a greater meaning in their lives, develop better and healthier ways of relating to others and forming a deeper and more comfortable relationship with one’s self.

The Practice offers a safe, non-judgmental, supported space with a person-centred approach in which to explore these thoughts and feelings. By bringing more of our experience into conscious awareness we can gain a greater perceptive and feel emotionally equipped to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

“It’s time to gain clarity, shed and let go of what no longer serves us, stand in our power, see ourselves as the solution, finding our personal truth in the world and be who you truly are, in your truest essence” Nadinne Dyen.

One To One Psychotherapy

Sessions are for 50 minutes providing a safe and supportive space to explore blocks, relationships, unresolved trauma, patterns of behavior or simply whatever arises, to have a deep sense of time and space for self-exploration and insight.

I view everyone as an individual therefore draw from a variety of psychological tools and approaches suited to the client’s needs from methods from Gestalt, TA, CBT, systemic constellation and psycho-analyses. I work with the shadow aspects and the concept of projections, working towards the integration of self.

Trauma can go beyond words. I can use a variety of techniques working with the body to support the releasing and letting go of past experiences and trauma.

Our work together is intuitively led and if appropriate use creative processes to enable you to access safely any lost fragments of your experiences, so that they may be re-integrated into a more complete sense of who you are in your wholeness.

Initial Consultation: £30
Each 50 minute session: £45

Systemic Constellation

Suffering, repetitive patterns, or even a general sense of stuckness in our lives, often occur because of unresolved relational issues. The source of the difficulty may lie beyond our awareness, often in the systems to which we belong such as our current relationship, family of origin or workplace.

The constellating approach is a simple, solutions-focused methodology that we can use to investigate and resolve difficult and seemingly intractable issues. By bringing the unseen dynamics of family and other systems to light, it enables us to free ourselves from suffering and unhealthy patterns, giving us strength and energy to fully take our place in life and realize more our deeper purpose and potential.

It can promote deep levels of resolutions for issues such as:

  • Relationship difficulties between partners, parents and children.
  • Inability to achieve what we want in life, problems with money or career.
  • Persistent behavioral symptoms (such as drug/alcohol misuse, eating disorders, accident proneness and others).
  • Self-harm and suicidal tendencies
  • Persistent emotional symptoms (such as rage, depression, lack of motivation etc)

Individual Session: £45
Group Constellation: £40 per person

Your Practicioner Nadinne Dyen

Nadinne Dyen BA(Hons), DIP, MA, MBACP.
Current student of Maestro Manual Rufino and Baba Muvo Makohsi.

About Nadinne

I am an integrative psychotherapist with over five years’ experience working in a variety of settings including various charities in the UK and Africa, NHS, the corporate sector as well as my own private practice.

Overall I work with a humanistic and person centred approach but draw from a variety of methods from CBT, Gestalt, TA, systemic constellation and psycho-analyse at times using psycho-education working with a wide variety of issues.

I am the founding director of an Intercultural therapy centre working with clients from such diverse backgrounds means working with difference is fundamental and integral part of my practice.

I travel to explore the different perspectives mental health within other cultures and indigenous communities across the globe, learning how these different cultures work with trauma. I am working towards studying a doctrine to further research in this area.

With all my experience above I intuitively combine a rich psychological experience, work with the body, sometimes sound and other creative practices to support clients working through blocks, find better ways of relating to others and world, building a more wholesome relationship with themselves gaining greater awareness to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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